Schwinn 29 boundary weight limit

schwinn 29 boundary weight limit

In stock at San Leandro, Hesperian Blvd. Get the 1x7. Not your ordinary dept store bike. This is a great bike to upgrade components on.

Walmart $200 Schwinn boundary mountain bike review for the heavier rider

Intermediate level and if you start replacing wheels tires handle bars and pedals it gets expert level. I'm 6'2. I had the old 29 inch boundary it was stolen, yet I have not received the updated version of the boundary, but I'm subscribe to a channel on YouTube called Kev Central, he does very good reviews on Big Box bikes and from what he is telling me on the video is that this is a better bike and it is fully upgradable for the price point.

Walmart Big Box bikes are going into a good direction for affordable mountain bikes. It's really happening, good components and geometry are trickling down to budget bikes! Well done, Schwinn! The updated version is an incredible value. The 1x drivetrain is nearly flawless and will provide a much better experience for most riders due to the simplicity, less maintenance, and less weight.

The gearing is excellent for trails and it climbs very well, but don't expect high speed on the road. The shifts have been smooth and precise, only occasionally requiring a second click to shift to a higher smaller gear. The brake discs on mine were straight and true as installed from the box, rear caliper just fine out of the box, front requiring a slight adjustment to tighten it up a bit. They stop well without any unpleasant noise. The wheels were straight and true, tires have done very well on loose terrain.

The wide handlebars provide excellent control and the new lock-on grips are comfortable. The saddle is ok. Initially I thought I would replace it but after riding a while I just realized I haven't even thought about it again, so I probably won't.

The fork works well enough. The geometry has been updated to make it more of a true mountain bike, the welds are all excellent, and the paint is very nice. I own the 3x7 and after many dozens of times heavy abuse on the trail and miles has held up pretty good.

You don't need an expensive bike to have fun and enjoy riding. The disc brakes make all the difference in this bike, Frame is not too heavy and not too light but feels super sturdy. IT feels expensive meaning there was care taken in its design. Here at Walmart.

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Recent searches Clear All.Mountain Biking has always been about strong bikes and going on high trails. Apart from the solidly built frame, it also has wide wheels and tires that offer you better traction when you move out for trailing. This bike is made heavy. The dark and polished frame is sure to remain an eye candy for bike lovers.

The frame is actually very hard and suitable for riding on stone roads of the mountains. In a time of unexpected accidents, you can expect the MTB to hold its own. Thanks to the Suntour Suspension, this mountain bike can handle steep downhill riding very well.

Thanks to the suspension systemriders will have better control over their bikes. The bike perfectly balanced my weight during test, the weight of the frame and the comparatively light wheels with the suspension springs.

Even if you are over 6 feet, the pair of suspension forks helps you adjust accordingly. To be frank, 29er MTBs is the trend these days. These wheels help you to cover greater distance when coming down from a hill. Also, the alloy makes them lightweight balancing the height and weight of the user. That tells you, it is okay to ride even if you are over 6 feet tall. The tires of rubber are thick.

So, punctures and leaks will be less in number. With a great Speed Trigger Shifter, the gear set provides a stellar performance. The frequent disturbance a mountain bike has to deal with is the chain dropping. Thanks to SRAM 3.

Speed Trigger Shifter is like the auto gear of a car. You can navigate through 21 gears based on what speed you are running your bike on. Being a 29er, Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike relies heavily on wheels and gear mechanism.

schwinn 29 boundary weight limit

With the pair of disc brakes in place, you can manage near precise speed control when you need to slow your bike down. A: The sound is caused by the brakes or the wheel. Disc brakes interact with the bearings. Apply lubricant or just ride a few miles and it will fade away eventually. A: Schwinn wins the race by the whiskers. S29 Mountain Bike for Men solves the problem of traction and provides a smooth riding experience for the taller guys.

Your email address will not be published. Review Overview Design. User Rating: 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it!I have received lots of inquiries about weight limits on bicycles, and through this process of finding out about the different limits between various bike brands, I also wanted to give you some in depth information on bike wheels. So it varies greatly from mountain bike to road etc.

The range is diverse and the highest rider limit I found is lbs. Cannondale — choose your bike type and model. Trek Bikes — provides a description for each type of bike.

The best advice you can give to any larger riders is for them to be sure that their wheels are built for their size. Since I am mostly a mountain biker I will address mountain bike wheels, especially since they take much more abuse than a road wheel commonly will. In intermediate level bike will often have a better set of wheels that will be lighter and stronger, as you know. This bike can actually be taken off trail and used for a beginner mountain biker.

The upper level bikecommonly ridden by accomplished cyclists, may come with a really good set of aluminum rims, laced to good hubs with good spokes. This type of wheel can and will last most riders for years. The top end bikes normally carbon frame and the lightest and strongest components will come with very light aluminum or carbon rims, sometimes laced to carbon hubs.

Kappius happens to be my personal favorite, as a wheel builder and rider. Chris King is also a great hub and my experience with them is that they are pretty much bomb proof, although they have only 72 points of engagement as opposed to points of engagement for the Kappius hubs.

Spokes are incredibly important with regard to rider weight and riding style. But, they really are not the good choice for large riders, as opposed to a strong stainless steel spoke that is double butted 2.

Now, as to the original question of weight limits. Every rim manufacturer will post maximum weight limits for their rims. Thus, they are meant for the average pound racer who beats the heck out of them on Arizona rocky trails such as the Black Canyon Trail. Mavic, however, builds rims and wheel sets that are hard to break and very hard to beat.

I hope this helps. Please tell your readers they can feel free to call me or send a FaceBook message to me at Phoenix Sweetwheels and I will try to help them with any questions they might have.

Cost is important. Thank you Tommy for that explanation and the offer for people to call or connect with you via Facebook. You owe no explanations to anyone why you are that weight.

I say own it and ask with confidence. For example:. Peggy has been riding for 7 years, starting at the age of 48, and does a little mountain bike racing when time permits. Can you may be advise what a right bike would be because of my weight class.Schwinn Boundary 29" hardtail Was: New mild "plus" bike There's a new 29er from Schwinn on Walmart's site.

It's called the Boundary and has an evolutionary 2. EDIT: The claimed 2. Walmart shows only 4 left! This seems like about as good of a bargain as the Huffy TR was when it was on sale last year at about this same price!

Schwinn Boundary Men's Mountain Bike, 29-inch wheels, 21 speeds, Dark Green and Black

The frame's aluminum, and what I think is a first for Schwinn is the all-welded-steel fork with a disc caliper mounted to it. This last part is a bit substandard for Schwinn, but the price is still darn good. It looks to have modern, wider and higher-profile rims, but I'll only know just how wide when I see one up close.

The 29"x2. Re: New mild "plus" bike bargain from Schwinn. That's not a Schwinn Ascension frame. That is a very different design, especially in the rear, the chainstays and seat stays, the derailleur hanger. I can not identify that derailleur hanger, but it's not a Wheels Manufacturing 27, and the design at the rear dropouts looks a lot like high end bikes.

I love the beefy look of the gusset at the top of the seat stays. Anything ever happens to my Ascension, this frame will definitely be one I'll look at for a replacement. I'm running 2. Re: New mild. But I agree that the Shimano stickers aren't doing anything for this bike's looks, and I believe all the stickers will come off effortlessly if you warm up the frame tube with a hair drier first.

I didn't notice at first that this bike uses a 7-speed freewheel rear hub and what looks like a steel front hub, so definitely not as good as the Huffy TR parts in that regard, And this bike's frame looks like it has modern, shorter chainstays and hopefully also a modern relaxed headtube angle. It's probably a medium-large frame size, maybe it's large we'll see.

It goes together with wider crankarm spacing to move the chain and chainrings to the right, making room for a fatter rear tire with shorter chainstays. I would buy a few spares right away! The Schwinn looks sleak, you don't always get that with a BBB.

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I still prefer a hardtail for pedaling efficiency and weight savings. I've searched online, this bike seems to be available only through WalMart. I just ordered this bike I will let you know what I think in a few days. Was just looking for something to ride a few beginner trails and get in better shape.Huffy is well-known for making budget-friendly, entry-level bicycles for American consumers. Their bikes are tested for safety and have a recommended maximum capacity.

This is the maximum amount of weight the bike can safely carry while riding. Some Huffy bikes feature baskets and carriers, so the maximum weight refers to the weight of the rider plus anything else the bike is carrying.

The maximum weight limit depends on the size of the bike. Huffy makes adult bikes inand inch sizes. The maximum weight capacity for a inch bike is pounds. For a or inch bicycle, the maximum capacity is pounds. This includes cruisers, all-terrain, BMX-style and mountain bikes.

Huffy manufactures children's bikes inand inch sizes. The max capacity for a inch bike is 60 pounds, and 80 pounds for a or inch bicycle. Janet Renee is a clinical dietitian with a special interest in weight management, sports dietetics, medical nutrition therapy and diet trends.

She earned her Master of Science in nutrition from the University of Chicago and has contributed to health and wellness magazines, including Prevention, Self, Shape and Cooking Light. By: Janet Renee.

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schwinn 29 boundary weight limit

Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I didn't have too much time for looking around, so I bought a used but in excellent shape Scott Aspect 20 from some guy living close by. I'm planning to ride within the city so mostly paved surfaces, maybe a few unpaved sections here and there.

Offhand, that bike looks pretty good for your needs, aside from the front suspension and the 32H wheels. The tires are good and wide, and if you keep them well inflated above 4 bar they should handle your weight OK. The front shock has lockout, so if it sags too much you can just keep it locked most of the time.

Of course, you will be stressing the wheels and tires, in particular, beyond what's "normal", so you may experience broken spokes and the like. But since you won't be going offroad and probably won't jump too many curbs, you shouldn't do too badly. You may find the seat not to your liking, but give it a try, and then shop around for something that looks better.

It's not a bike that will last 20 years with a lb rider, but you can probably get years out of it, by which time you will be down to 80 kg and in the market for a carbon racer. According to the people at Scottthe general weight limit for a rider is kg.

You are significantly above this, so the manufacturer doesn't necessarily support you on that. The wheels durability depends a lot on who built them and how well they were built and if they have taken any damage.

You are in a YMMV and at your own risk range by sticking with that bike and wheelset I'd probably go for more spokesbut you may want to go to a bike shop and get the bike tuned up to make sure the wheels are in good condition and what not, and hope for the best and do repairs as spokes break and what not, if they do.

It helps if you don't ride like a hooligan as well like not dropping off curbs and what not. I think this is a good article. Trek specifies the max rider weight on most of their bikes to be around lbs, which is probably closer to more comfortable than that.

The realistic thing to do all at your own risk of course is get the bike checked out to make sure its in good condition, and ride and replace things as they break. Avoid road hazards and be careful. You may also want to look at some bike forums for big riders riding similar bikes. These may be a bit more comfortable as well.

There are also some manufacturers which build heavier rider-oriented bicycles e. Worksman Cycleswhich coincidentally today I found is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the US, stocks things which can take up to quoted pounds [though, your bike shop probably knows some bikes which have worked for heavy riders in your area].

I'm lbs, 5'10", 32in inseam hence why I need a bike, walking on these knees ain't gonna happen, lol. I did research and went with a Specialized Sirrus Elite Alloy which is rated at lbs. I keep the air near the 95psi limit and ride only on the streets.In stock at Fremont, Albrae St. Bought this for my son. He is 14 and over 6ft tall. This bike not only fits him great and can take the abuse that a 14 year old boy gives it, but it gets him out riding.

And now with us being at home, it gets him out from in front of the video games, weather permitting, which is so important for him. Item arrived as expected: on time and in perfect shape. Easy to assemble and relatively easy to adjust. Excellent quality for low price! So I just got and the ride home blew me away. It was so smooth! I never had a 29 inch bike before being only 5 feet 7 inches tall, but seeing that this had a modest sized frame I thought I'd try it out in store first.

It fit reasonably well and so I ultimately bought. There's really not much if any bad here. The perks are rapid fire shifters, 21 speeds, front suspension, front. I was searching for a bike for a long time. My old bike was a 24' in Roadmaster, I had it for 4 years and it broke. I was searching everywhere for a bike and I wanted much better wheel size. So, I went on the online store of Walmart and searched there.

I found this bike, after I watched videos of people making a review on it. Today, I went to the store and saw it. I was amazed on the quality, look, and the feel when you ride it. I give this bike 5 stars, because it is so worth for it's price. Great bike for commuting back and forth to work, anything other than that, do it at your own risk! Not a real mountain trail bike.

Pros, great shifting bike, nice ride if you change the saddle. Considering the build of the bike it has a lot of room for upgrades that will help you in the long run.

Con's, brakes aren't that great if your a heavier Rider, the fork suspension will bottom out easily, and the handlebars could be a bit wider. With that being said it's a good decent bike.


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